The Arts

SymbioticA – Centre of Excellence in Biological Arts. SymbioticA is an artistic laboratory dedicated to the research, learning and critique of life sciences. SymbioticA is the first research laboratory of its kind, in that it enables artists and researchers to engage in wet biology practices in a biological science department.See: The Aesthetics of Parts: humans and other animals are ‘becoming’ each other

The Arts and Genomic Center (TAGC) builds upon results of the New Representational Spaces Programme, which investigates the interactions of arts and genomics and aims to describe and analyse the unique role that the visual arts can have in the critical evaluation and dissemination of the results of genomics research.

Alba the green rabbit has been created as part of an arts project by Eduardo Kac. There are also many other fluoresces green animals, not just for art of course. Although not synthetic biology in its strict sense, its art and genomics in the wider sense.

A Comic on “Adventures in Synthetic Biology” was prepared by Drew Endy, Isadora Deese & The MIT Synthetic Biology Working Group with the artistic support of Chuck Wadey.

The comic is now also available in GERMAN.