Synthetic Aesthetics

Duration: 36 months


Coordinator: Dr. Pablo Schyfter, Stanford University (USA)

Contact Person:

Dr. Pablo Schyfter
Stanford Bioengineering
Y2E2 Building-B007, MC 4201
473 Via Ortega
Stanford, CA 94305-4201
e-mail: p.schyfter[at]
tel (US): +1 (650) 223-4189
tel (UK): +44 (0) 7880874828


  • University of Edimburgh (UK)
  • University of Stanford (USA)


Project Description:

We aim to bring creative practitioners and those who are expert at studying, analysing and designing the synthetic/natural interface together with the existing synthetic biology community to help with the work of designing, understanding and building the living world. We will organize 12 embedded residencies, during which artists and designers will spend time in bioengineering laboratories, and scientists and engineers in artistic and design studios and workspaces. It is our intention that balanced exchanges will foster exciting and productive work.

More specifically, we will bring together individuals from these two communities with the aim of catalyzing fruitful interactions, developing transferable knowledge and skills, and establishing a continuing network of collaborations. Synergetic work between these two broad fields has the potential to lead to new forms of engineering, new schools of art and design, a greater social scientific understanding of science and engineering, and new approaches to societal engagement with synthetic biology.