Duration: 36 months


Coordinator: Dr. Ainsley Newson

Contact Person:

Dr. Ainsley Newson
Centre for Ethics in Medicine
University of Bristol
3rd Floor, Hampton House
Cotham Hill
Bristol BS6 6AU, United Kingdom
e-mail: sybhel-project[at] 
tel: (+44)117 331 0720
fax: (+44)117 331 0732



  • The University of Zurich (Switzerland)
  • The Knowledge Society Foundation (Hungary)
  • The University of Deusto (Spain)
  • The Rathenau Institute (the Netherlands)
  • The University of Bristol (United Kingdom)


Project Description:

SYBHEL will commence from a starting point of good integration with the current scientific state-of-the-art for SynBio (particularly through direct engagement with researchers working in the field) and will then progress to offer the first sustained analysis of the issues in SynBio as they apply to human health and well-being. The project consortium will constantly liaise with scientists to ensure that all work undertaken is in keeping with the latest advances in this rapidly developing field. Existing debates in SynBio and bioethics more generally will also be accounted for by including these as cross-cutting themes in the project.

The SYBHEL consortium is comprised of five partners from across Europe and involves ethicists, philosophers, lawyers, scientists and policy experts. The consortium will also be advised by an Expert Advisory Group with a global membership, including key players in the science and ethics of SynBio. The three-year SYBHEL project will proceed by way of eight work packages that together will lead towards a set of policy recommendations for the use of SynBio in human health and well-being. Throughout the project, the SYBHEL project team will work closely with scientists, policy-makers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the lay public to ensure that project work and dissemination activities are targeted to all stakeholders.