CISYNBIO: Cinema and Synthetic Biology

Duration: 36 months




Project Website:

Coordinator: Dr. Markus Schmidt (IDC) (Austria).


Contact Person:

Dr. Markus Schmidt
IDC (International Dialogue and Conflict Management)
Kaiserstrasse 50/6
1070 – Vienna, Austria
e-mail: info[at]
tel: +43 1 9900811


  •  International Dialogue and Conflict Management (IDC) (Austria)
  •  dialog<>gentechnik (Austria)


Project Description:

 Synthetic biology presents one of the most dynamic fields of biological research.
Its revolutionary approach of applying tools and methods of engineering disciplines to biology as well as the recent rapid progress towards the design and creation of artificial DNA put synthetic biology in the news, although the effective media presence of the field still remains rather limited and irregular.

As a consequence, public awareness is very slowly but constantly growing. Issues and elements typically associated to synthetic biology, such as the idea of artificial life creation and “real” engineering of life also appears in a number of movies, such as Jurassic Park, Terminator, Spider Man or films dealing with the myths of Frankenstein or Golem.

The aim of our project “Cinema and Synthetic Biology” is to analyse the role of films as a way to communicate major concepts and ideas of synthetic biology and convey public awareness. We will analyse popular cinema and television movies that cover comparable aspects of synthetic biology, and organise an independent science film festival on synthetic biology.