Project Member: Philippe Marlière

About: Founded in 2004 in Paris, the SME ISTHMUS resulted from the initiative of scientists working at Genoscope – the French National Sequencing Centre – a research facility with the purpose to sequence and to analyse genetic information from various organisms of scientific, medical or industrial interest. ISTHMUS provides consultancy and technical advice in the field of biotechnology with a special emphasis on the very latest developments if biotechnology, including especially synthetic biology. Members of ISTHMUS have gained extensive experience in different areas of synthetic biology and one member also participates in the NEST STREP Orthosome.

Role and Tasks in the Project:
The role of ISTHMUS in the project includes the following tasks:

  • Providing information on cutting-edge synthetic biology applications and methodologies;
  • Discussion of biosafety implications;
  • Establishment and Maintenance of the link to the synthetic biology research community and other stakeholders, including industry and SMEs.