Project Members: Markus Schmidt, Alexander Kelle, Camillo Meinhart

About: Since its establishment in 2002, the overall task of Organisation for International Dialogue and Conflict Management (IDC) is to contribute to the analysis, communication and management of new bio- and energy technologies. As an interdisciplinary organisation IDC aims to facilitate research and communication on challenges that cannot be solved by a traditional disciplinary approach. This is of importance when the new challenges involve scientific, policy and socio-economic issues especially regarding potential sensitive technologies such as genetic engineering (in agriculture), nanotechnology, sustainable energy issues and recently synthetic biology. The IDC team is made up of researchers and professionals from different backgrounds organized into three working groups (WG). The Biosafety WG is working on safety and security aspects of synthetic biology, and management of genetic resources. IDC also has experience in the area of participatory technology assessment, public perception of biotechnology, incorporation of non-scientific knowledge, and international policy issues. In addition to its academic expertise IDC has set up and maintained several websites, organised public information events and is carrying out the production of audiovisual information material on various scientific subjects.

Role and Tasks in the Project:
As overall project co-ordinator, IDC’s role in the project will include the following tasks:

  • Implementation of co-ordination activities and administrative management, as well as the dissemination of the project’s outcomes;
  • Organisation of the work of the Co-ordination Committee;
  • Contribution to the fact finding mission, especially regarding biosafety and biosecurity issues;
  • Facilitation of the “Open Discussion” by providing an online discussion platform (in 2008);
  • Production and distribution of dissemination material, including the project’s website and online database.