Expanding semantics

biohacker (BY.oh.hak.ur) n. A hobbyist who tinkers with DNA and other aspects of genetics. Also: bio-hacker.
—biohack n., v.
—biohackerdom n.

biopunk n. A portmanteau word combining “biotech” and “punk”. A term used to describe a science fiction genre that focuses on synthetic biology. More recently, the term has also been used to denote a techno-progressive movement advocating open access to genetic information.

bioterrorist n. A terrorist who uses biological weapons.

code of conduct, code of ethics, code of practice Non-legislated guidelines which one or more organizations and individuals voluntarily agree to abide by, that set out the standard of conduct or behavior with respect to a particular activity

dual-use Refers to the aspects of certain materials, information and technologies that are useful in both military and civilian spheres.

Jurassic Park syndrome n. The belief that extinct animal species can be resurrected via cloning or other genetic techniques.