About: SYNBIOSAFE is a scientific project supported fully by the EC-FP6 programme. It was the first project in Europe to research the safety and ethical aspects of synthetic biology, aiming to proactively stimulate a debate on these issues.

Funding: € 236,000 grant by the EC FP6 Program NEST.

Duration: January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2008.

Coordinator: Dr. Markus Schmidt IDC, (Austria)

Team: Our team consists of experts in the fields of synthetic biology, biosafety, biosecurity, ethics, public perception, technology assessment and public awareness. 

Publications: SYNBIOSAFE contributed significantly to the scientific debate about societal implications of synthetic biology. More..


Synthetic Biology the technoscience and its societal consequences.
Schmidt, M.; Kelle, A.; Ganguli-Mitra, A.; de Vriend, H. (Eds.) 2009


DVD – Documentary Film
SYNBIOSAFE: Safety and Ethical Aspects of Synthetic Biology
Schmidt M and Meinhart C. 2009, 38 minutes plus bonus material


Special Issue: 
Societal Aspects of Synthetic Biology. 2009. SSBJ, N.1-4
Guest Edited by Schmidt M




Follow-up activities by SYNBIOSAFE team members:

COSY: Communicating synthetic biology

TARPOL: Targeting environmental pollution with engineered microbial systems à la carte

CISYNBIO: Cinema and Synthetic Biology

Bio:Fiction: Synthetic Biology Science, Art and Film Festival

Investigating the biosafety and risk assessment needs of synthetic biology in Austria and China

SYNMOD: Synthetic biology to obtain novel antibiotics and optimized production systems

Building a Sustainable Capacity in Dual-Use Bioethics

SYBHEL: Synthetic Biology for Human Health, Ethical and Legal Issues

Making perfect life Bio-engineering in the 21st century

Synth-ethic Art Exhibition about synthetic biology